Toriyasai Matsuya / Hot pot in Kanazawa

Toriyasai Matsuya / Hot pot in Kanazawa


“Toriyasai Matsuya” is a Japanese hot pot, or “Nabe,” restaurant awaiting you 15 minutes north of Kanazawa station toward the Kanazawa port by car.


You can enjoy Japanese style seating or counter-style accommodations here.  They offer a single-person hot pot experience that you dig into at a countertop seat and a very attractive price tag.


They also have something called Chikei skin ponzu. Ponzu is a sour sauce crafted using soy and citrus juice.  It makes for a refreshing and tasty meal.


This is “Tori Yasai Nabe”.  The ingredients are simplistic: Chicken, Chinese cabbage, and carrot. The simple makeup definitely doesn’t detract from a fantastic flavor.


Matsuya uses their own special miso, which is a soul-food of Ishikawa Prefecture, in this dish.  The sweetness of their miso harmonizes well with veggies and chicken.


Our closing meal, Zosui, possesses a mild taste. We make it with the nabe’s boiling leftover soup as a flavoring for some egg and rice.  You can substitute the egg and rice with Udon or Ramen noodles.


Please enjoy some Ishikawan soul food.  Here is a picture of Matsuya’s special miso, available at the restaurant itself and at the supermarket.