Gyuya / Himi Beef in Toyama

Gyuya / Himi Beef in Toyama


Gyuya is a BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy some Himi Beef, the original brand of beef from Himi city in Toyama.  The head restaurant is located in Himi city. This Takaoka one can be found in the underground restaurant street that connects with Takaoka station on the east side of Toyama prefecture.


The restaurant’s designers separated the dining area into individual privatized rooms.  At the same time, they managed to accomplish a stylish atmosphere.


As Gyuya purchases the whole cow and all of the parts are used, you can dine on fresh Himi beef with a reasonable price tag.


These are top-grade boneless short ribs.  The tender sweetness of this meat explodes and then melts in your mouth.  


We are looking at Seared Himi Beef Sushi. The proportions of sweet Himi Beef, rice and Wasabi combine perfectly in this work of art.


This is Himi Udon, which is also a specialty of Himi City.  The noodles are smooth and this udon is a fresh way to call it a night after a few courses of Himi Beef. 


Gyuya offers a great place for you to indulge in some Himi beef.