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BOTEYAN / Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) in Toyama

BOTEYAN / Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) in Toyama


This restaurant occupies a prime spot in a shopping building called “CIC” near Toyama station.  As this restaurant is very popular, every day draws in a long line of customers out the door.


In contrast to the large crowd, the interior has a calm atmosphere.  They have table seats and counter seats available.


You can watch a waiter cooking Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) or Yakisoba at any given time on the grill right behind the counter where you sit.


This is some Japanese shrimp Yakisoba.  They make it with thick noodles and an uncharacteristically sweet seasoning.


This is Pork Okonomiyaki.  Although the general style of Okonomiyaki is round, BOTEYAN makes theirs square and thick.  


It’s very soft and fluffy, and it melts in your mouth, and BOTEYAN’s special mayonnaise sauce is creamy, sweet and not too heavy.  All of these things add up to a one-of-a-kind Okonomiyaki experience.