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Kusanoko (Soba Restaurant)

Kusanoko (Soba Restaurant)

Kusanoko is a soba (buckwheat noodles) restaurant located in the residential quarter in Asahi Town, on the Eastern side of Toyama prefecture.


The restaurant’s interior is both bright and spacious.


You can also find Japanese style seats.


On the menu you can find Umeoroshi Soba, a dish consisting of cool soba noodles with pickled plum and grated radish. The noodles are chewy and the pickled plum and grated radish provide a fresh flavor.



Tempura Soba, unsurprisingly, consists of hot noodles with tempura. The hot noodles are softer than the cool ones. The tempura’s batter is crispy and it’s prawn is plump.


The hot water used for boiling soba is both rich and thick.


With great hospitality and delicious food, I would not hesitate to come again.