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Dog House / Ramen

Dog House / Ramen

Dog House is a ramen restaurant located in the East area of Toyama city and it lies 20 minutes from Toyama airport.

You can buy your meal-ticket from this machine.  This restaurant is famous for Tori Paitan ramen (ramen with a whitish chicken-bone soup), and you can select from 4 flavors, Shoyu (soy sauce), Shio(salt), Miso or Black ( black soy sauce).  

There are counter seats and table seats.

Here is some Shio-flavor Tori Paitan ramen.  The ingredients include sea lettuce, green onion, thin Char-siu pork and seasoned bamboo shoots with an optional egg on top.

Paitan soup is a mixture of chicken and dairy cream that tastes rich and creamy. The noodles are well-coated with soup.  Truffle oil makes this ramen taste Western. You can eat it up until the last drop of soup.