Grill Otuka / Hanton Rice in Kanazawa

Grill Otuka / Hanton Rice in Kanazawa


It takes 10 minutes to reach this gem from Kanazawa station by car.  The city’s unique cuisine, Hanton rice, first originated in this restaurant.


TripAdvisor registered this restaurant with a Certificate of Excellence and there are several options for menu languages, such as English, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.


The interior embraces a retro theme, and there are table and counter seats available.


The cream soup is not too thick but satisfyingly smooth.  The soup comes with cereal sitting on top.  


This is Hanton rice.  It’s a thin omelette laid over ketchup-flavored rice with fried shrimp and fried tuna splayed on top.  Otuka’s original tartar sauce is smooth and completes the flavor.


This bountiful meal satisfies every customer, and they can’t resist visiting this cozy restaurant again.