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Itosho (Hot Pot Udon)

Itosho/ Hot Pot Udon
Itosho is a restaurant famous for hot pot udon.  It sits 10 minutes from Toyama station, or from Toyama airport along national road No.41.
As the kitchen is open-air, you can see the chefs cooking.  The restaurant is always full and there are a lot of pots constantly boiling.
These are hot pot udon with pork offal, an egg topping, and rice on the side.  All ingredients, such as udon, miso, boiled fish paste, shrimp tempura and vegetables come from Toyama.  They are all soaked in a garlic-flavored miso soup.
There are a lot of pork offal and they are soft with no odor.
This restaurant uses a special kind of flattened himi udon noodles. Himi udon, a specialty of Toyama, is a chewy noodle that is usually thin and round.
When you eat Itosho’s hot pot Udon in the chill of winter, it will warm your body and mind.